A Safe Herb For Cardiovascular Health

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There is a very safe and all natural herb that has proven to be very beneficial to the heart muscle and circulatory system. This herb is “Hawthorn” which is also known by the names: May bush, May tree, Quick-Set, and Whitethorn. The berries are the part that is generally used for medicinal purposes, but the flowers may also be used. Hawthorne is most effective in relieving both high and low blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and poor circulation which leads to a number of other health problems.

One woman who had been an asthmatic during childhood was given Versed-Fentanyl during the extraction of a tooth. Shortly after the surgery, she began suffering from severe itching attacks that were not relieved by any treatment, topical or internal. It was later discovered that her circulation had become weaker after being exposed to the Versed-Fentanyl. The woman began drinking two glasses of Hawthorn berry decoction at least every other night which yielded wonderful results. Relief from the itching attacks began after consuming approximately six glasses.


Two teaspoons of dried Hawthorne berries are gently simmered in 16 ounces of water for thirty to forty-five minutes. The decoction may be sweetened with honey, maple syrup or a plain stevia extract. The herb does not have much of a taste, but may be an enjoyable tea when sweetened.

Hawthorn berries are extremely safe and are known to cause only mild dizziness if taken in very large doses which are not needed to enjoy the marvelous benefits it has to offer for cardiovascular health. It should be noted that Hawthorne, like any other herb, requires the user’s cooperation in the restoration and preservation of his health. A healthy diet and some form of habitual exercise cannot be neglected when one is hoping to recover from any kind of illness.

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