Alternative Medicine

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Is alternative medicine restricted?

No, the use of alternative medicine is not restricted. You can take alternative medicine, even if you have undergone a previous hospitalization. The nature of the alternative medicine attracts the people. Despite its widespread use and popularity, still it remains unknown to many health seekers.

What is complementary medicine?

Alternative medicine involves practices that are used in place of conventional drugs. When Alternative medicine is used in conjunction with conventional medicine, it is known as complementary medicine. Alternative medicine includes Nature cure treatments, Ayurveda and Homeopathy.
Do alternative therapies provide public services?

Yes, the alternative therapies provide public service. Alternative therapies help to provide public services through the methods of pain management and stress reduction. It is usually not included in the conventional medicines.

What are the unique contributions of alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine takes into consideration of the physical, social, spiritual and mental well being of the individual while suggesting treatments. Alternative medicine stresses on health care through the principles of a healthy lifestyle, such as healthy diet and regular physical activity. Alternative medicine is an inexpensive treatment and it avoids surgery.

Will you get side effects if you use alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine has no side effects. Alternative medicine is the system for diseases like degenerative diseases, collagen disorder and the disorders related to joints and bones. Alternative medicine is combined with various practices. It is mainly composed from various ethnic and traditional therapies.

What are the combinations of alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine is the combination of both alternative and conventional method of treatment. It is also an integrative medicine. The alternative medicine is based on guidelines that are not part of conventional medicine. Conventional allopathic doctors are preferred for child health care and emergency health care. Alternative medicine is both comprehensive and preventive which allows the patient for physical and psychological well-being. It tries to be a preventive therapy which is used after the symptoms occur. Alternative medicine helps for non-curable disease and chronic pain. You can also get relief from mental stress and tension.

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