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Alternative Medicines for Anxiety

Everybody worries from time to time and those worries are usually perfectly normal and are not indicative of a more serious problem. However, for those individuals that are often restless, tense, irritable, impatience, and have poor concentration, they may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. These types of disorders also cause the individual to worry for no particular reason and the worry will also affect their daily lives.

Those suffering from anxiety disorders may find that traditional medicines provide very little, if any, help. This is often because these medicines have side effects that may cause them to be very lethargic, depressed, or may cause them more anxiousness – the very thing they are trying to avoid. For this reason, alternative medicines for anxiety are often more effective.

passionflowerHerbal Supplements May be the Answer

Passionflower is an herbal supplement that is a very effective alternative medicine for anxiety. Passionflower has been compared to traditional medications such as benzodiazepine and mexazolam. The herb has proven to be just as useful as these two drugs and has also been shown to improve job performance. The added benefit is that the herb does not produce any of the side effects that both modern medicines contain, the largest side effect being drowsiness. Because Passionflower is such a powerful treatment, it should only be used under the care of a physician. It can be harmful in pregnant or nursing women, as well as people with liver or kidney disease.


Valerian is another herbal supplement that may help with anxiety. It has been shown that those suffering from an anxiety disorder are greatly helped by improving their sleeping conditions, as it is easier to deal with stress and tension when the body is properly rested. This herb is usually taken one hour before the individual goes to bed and will improve sleep. Valerian can take up to two or three weeks to work before sufferers find relief from it. The herb should also not be taken for more than three months at a time and should not be combined with other medications. It’s important to remember when taking any herbal supplement that they are often very powerful and should be taken only under the care of a physician.

Seek Out Massage To Relieve Anxiety

Because stress and tension are the major underlying factors of anxiety disorders, it’s important to treat these causes when trying to relieve anxiety. Massage is a great way to manipulate body tissue so that the stress and tension levels can be diminished. Massage can also be a great way to improve sleep, which can also help with treating anxiety. Different forms of massage and bodywork that are often used when treating anxiety are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, and Thai massage

Aromatherapy Can Often Help

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the essential oils of plants and herbs to help with different ailments. The essential oils are often inhaled, such as warming them to the point where they are released into the air, or they can also be used as a topical treatment when added to baths, used as massage oils, or as compresses.
Aromatherapy has proven to be a very useful alternative medicine for anxiety as the inhaling of essential oils helps relax the body, decrease stress, and improve sleep. The best essential oils for treating anxiety are bergamot, cypress, geranium, jasmine, melissa, neroli, rose, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. The most common essential oil in treating anxiety is lavender and this will often be used alone or as the foundation for a blend of different oils.

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