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Proper diet is need for every one to lead a healthy life. Because of a high level of stress jobs, the most of us eat a lot of fast food instead of a healthy balanced diet. And it leads to many heart diseases. A balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products in proper proportions. It gives you healthy amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and salts.

dietWhat is the use of having balanced diet?

All types of green leaves, vegetables and starchy vegetables give full nutrition. This helps to strengthen the levels of iron and zinc in your body. Each day’s meals should contain whole grain meal, milk and dairy products. Maintaining a balanced diet is not only to promote a healthy lifestyle but also to maintain your weight. A well-balanced diet should be introduced in the early stages of life, especially in childhood. This helps to maintain good health, psychologically and physically. It also assists in the construction of immunity against diseases and execution of a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

What will happen if you do not eat balanced diet?

There are many books and literature that give you advice on maintaining a balanced diet. People, who do not have diet control, suffer with diseases. These include heart diseases, loss of weight and other diseases. You need to work on your diet as well as exercise on a routine.

How to prevent high blood pressure?

The patients with high blood pressure should include low-fat or fat-free products. And they must exclude animal fat, red meat, sugar products and sweets. High potassium and sodium in fruits and vegetables helps to regulate blood pressure. The hypertension diet does not contain large amounts of salt. Many people think that salt-less food could be flavorless. You can add spices instead of salt to add flavor. It is clear that diet affects blood pressure. Therefore it is very important to maintain a good, healthy and balanced diet for high blood pressure.

The most important thing you need to avoid in your food is intake of salt. Consumption of salt leads to high blood pressure. You can lower your blood pressure to a large extent if you reduce the consumption of salt in your diet.

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