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Reducing The Risk of Heart Attack with Garlic

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the effect of garlic on the cardiovascular system attracted much attention from medical researchers. The heart is supplied by the coronary arteries with blood and oxygen that it needs to function properly to help nourish the brain and all of the rest of the body. It works particularly hard during strenuous exercise requiring more oxygen. If one of those arteries were to become completely blocked, a fatal heart attack threatens.

garlicHigh levels of cholesterol greatly raise the risk of having a fatal heart attack. Cholesterol is a natural substance, produced in the liver and essential for important functions, but it must be properly transported throughout the body. Cholesterol must connect and attach to a special protein called a lipoprotein. Lipoproteins can be low or high density, known as LDL and HDL respectively. The low density lipoprotein is bad as it promotes the formation of cholesterol deposits on artery walls. As these deposits build up, they become harder and begin to obstruct vital blood flow to the heart. High density lipoproteins are good in that they exert the opposite influence on the body, helping to prevent cardiac arrest.

The regular consumption of all natural garlic has proven most helpful in the battle against heart disease and attacks. Studies show that garlic helps to slow down and even prevent the formation of dangerous plaque on the walls of the blood vessels. It appears to accomplish this by reducing the overall amount of cholesterol in the blood and that of the harmful low density lipoproteins. Additionally, garlic even helps to increase levels of the beneficial high density lipoproteins.

It should be noted, however, that one will not escape the risk of a fatal heart attack simply by consuming garlic if he continues to maintain behavior that is harmful to the cardiovascular system and body as a whole. Smoking, lack of exercise, and consumption of greasy and fatty foods all increase the probability of death by cardiac arrest. Garlic is help from nature, but people must also cooperate with the laws of nature that govern good health.

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