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Alternative Medicine for Herpes

Herpes is a virus that has five different strains. Herpes simplex is the most common strain and in this strain there are two types. There is Type 1, which generally presents itself as cold sores around the mouth and Type 2, which will form the sores around the genital area. Both types of herpes simplex appear as red, raised blisters. These blisters can be very painful and itchy and once herpes has been contracted, the individual may also have a fever, headache, muscle soreness, and other flu-like symptoms.


The first attack of the virus is usually the worst, both in length and the severity of the pain and itch. Although the two are different, there does seem to be some crossover between the two types. For instance, one can become infected in the genital area after engaging in sexual contact with someone who has active cold sores around their mouth. There are many lotions and creams available for herpes but none of these should be applied until one has spoken to their doctor. That is because these creams can actually make the herpes worse. There are however, many alternative medicines for herpes.


H-Balm is a balm that consists of essential oils and can be one of the most effective alternative medicines for herpes. H-Balm works in two ways. It can be used at the onset of an outbreak of the virus to reduce symptoms. By using it this way, it can also shorten the lifespan of the infection and make the sores disappear more quickly. After using it during an outbreak, it should also be used on a daily basis. This will help prevent an outbreak and will lessen the severity when an outbreak occurs. H-Balm is available at natural health food stores and many pharmacies have it as well.

Keep the Area Dry

Herpes thrives in a moist environment. This is why the sores appear around the mouth and around the genitals. If one can keep the sores and area around the sores as dry as they can, it will help the sore to scab and fall off. For this reason, the area needs to be towelled off very well after a bath or shower. Wearing loose-fitting clothing will also help keep the area dry as air will be able to flow around the sores and sweat will not build up. Some have also said that using a blow dryer to keep the sores dry has been very effective.

Manage Stress

Stress is a major factor in herpes. The sores seem to come on suddenly when one who carries the herpes virus is under a great deal of stress. The sores may also last until the level of stress has subsided. While it’s impossible for anyone to eliminate stress in their daily lives, there are ways to manage it and this can be one of the best alternative medicines for herpes. Taking a warm bath or shower may relieve high stress levels. It’s also a good idea to get a nice, relaxing massage to help one manage stress. When trying to manage stress, one also needs to get a lot of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can not only make one less able to deal with daily stresses but it can also disallow the body to deal with the stress of an infection. It is during sleep that the body will be at its prime to fight the herpes virus and if a person suffering from herpes doesn’t get enough sleep, the body does not have a chance to relax and focus on fighting the virus.

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