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Alternative Medicine for Migraine

Some people may mistake migraines for a headache but in truth, they are much more than a headache. People suffering from a migraine usually experience a throbbing, pulsing pain on one or both sides of the head and the pain will usually become worse with physical activity. This physical activity can be as little as walking from room to room in their house. Migraines may also be accompanied by nausea that may or may not include actual vomiting and the person suffering from the migraine may also be extremely sensitive to light or sound. A small percentage of people who suffer from migraines may also experience an aura just prior to the migraine hitting. An aura is a flash of light, a zigzag, blind spots in the vision, or a tingling in the arm or leg.

Other than medications to help ease the pain, there is very little in conventional medicine that can be done to treat migraines. Even with painkillers, a person can easily become immune to them, making them ineffective. There can also be many unwanted side effects that come with these painkillers and for that reason many turn to alternative medicine for migraines.

lavenderLavender Oil

Lavender oil has long been used in the treatment of migraines through aromatherapy. To be effective as a migraine treatment however it must be pure lavender oil and not scented oils or scented fragrances as these do not have the medicinal properties that pure lavender contains. Lavender oil is inexpensive and very safe to use. When one feels a migraine coming, they should place one to two drops of lavender oil behind each ear. They must then place one or two drops on the pillow they plan to sleep on. The aroma that pure lavender oil provides is very relaxing and will not only make the sufferer feel more relaxed but it will also help treat the migraine pain almost immediately.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques can also be a very effective alternative medicine for migraines. This is because when a sufferer knows that they are about to get a migraine, they tend to panic because they are aware of how much pain it will cause them. This panicked feeling causes their heart to beat faster and an increase in blood flow. This will only make the migraine worse and for that reason, they must relax and try not to become too anxious. This is where breathing techniques come in.

First, they must take a long, deep breath and exhale slowly. Then they must take another long, deep slow breath. When the person is inhaling, they must focus on their breathing and imagine the air they are taking in filling their lungs. The individual must inhale as much breath as they can and then exhale slowly again. When exhaling, it’s important to imagine the air leaving the body just as it was imagined entering the body. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary but usually by the fourth or fifth repetition, a person’s migraine has subsided significantly.

Go Into a Dark Room

Lying down in a dark room can be used as an alternative medicine for migraines, as people with a migraine very often suffer from a sensitivity to light. The dark room should also be very, very quiet. This is to not only help with the migraine by not being around excessive noise but it will also help the sufferer to relax. The eyes should be covered with something such as a sleep blindfold or a scarf but the eyes should remain open. Very often, people close their eyes to enable them to be better able to cope with the migraine but in fact, closing the eyes requires the facial and jaw muscles to work harder and this can make a migraine worse.

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