The Healing Power of Herbs

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Unfortunately, most novice herbalists have the misunderstanding that external substances whether chemical or natural have the power to heal the body of disease. Such beliefs arose with the knowledge of how the disease Scurvy was cured by ingesting adequate amounts of Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C). Nevertheless, God built into the body the ability to heal itself when it’s nutritional needs are met through correct diet and exercise. This also means the great need to avoid abusing or neglecting the body which lowers it’s resistance to disease.

The fact that the body has a built-in immune system, a protective covering (skin), grows new tissue, and produces blood clotting to prevent bleeding to death is evidence of it’s self-sufficiency. Nevertheless, the very numerous medicinal plants provided in nature speaks of the need to give the body some help when it’s in time of need.

Correct diet, fresh water, and exercise is the first line of defense. The use of herbal medicines come to the rescue when the body is under attack. Medicinal plants were the first medicines available to man who lived to be hundreds of years old before the great deluge and to an average age of about 130 after the flood. These people of old relied on herbal medicines that had not been altered or tainted with man’s chemical additives. Of course, these people possessed a great deal of knowledge of the use of all natural medicines–a knowledge that few can boast of in the modern world. Therefore, it’s wise to begin learning to use the “healing” power of herbs with prudence.

How can the novice test the health benefits of these natural medicines. He can start slowly and safely. He can opt to drink a strong cup of peppermint tea to relieve mild nose congestion instead of taking an over-the-counter pill. He can drink a cup of hot camomile tea sweetened with a natural sweetener to relieve an upset stomach instead of relying on an antacid. He can enjoy marvelous results when fighting a bladder infection by drinking a few cups of corn silk tea for a few consecutive days instead enduring the side effects of prescription medication for the ailment.

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